Montag, 27. September 2010

A Cold Spell

The weather in Munich can be unpredictable at times. Right now the Oktoberfest is being held. Normally, the weather during September and October is sunny and warm. Germans often speak of a goldener Herbst, (golden autumn) and there's usually a sense of being surrounded by gold as the sunlight filters through yellow, red, and brown leaves. This year, the winter seems to be coming early. It's been quite chilly these past few days, which is a shame during Oktoberfest, which offers so many outdoor rides, not to mention the stands selling warm weather snacks like ice cream. However, there has been a bit of sunny weather interspersed with clouds and rainfall. There are a number of chestnut trees in the Luitpold Park across the street which are giving their harvest. Although I've never gathered any chestnuts there, it's always interesting to see the chestnuts, which come in a spiky hull covering their shells underneath. As it's still early in the season, I'm hoping that there will still be a few more warm and sunny days before the winter sets in. However, based on what I'm reading on internet forums, a lot of places in mild zones seem to be getting cold weather early this year.

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